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Sen. Ted Cruz warns the U.S. is one liberal Supreme Court justice away from going after the individual right to keep and bear arms with the intent of hampering, if not abolishing, the exercise of that right.

Illegal immigrants granted amnesty under President Barack Obama's immigration reform will be able to claim back tax refunds from years in which they never filed taxes, the IRS said. According to the Washington Times, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress in a letter the roughly 5 million illegal immigrants who could be granted amnesty under Obama's plan will be eligible to take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit.

FOX NEWS - Sen. Marco Rubio gave a downcast assessment Sunday about Congress passing immigration reform, arguing that fellow Republicans are leery about dealing with President Obama on the issue since he would not negotiate fairly during the recent fiscal crisis.

EXAMINER - On Thursday, Santos Gomez, 48, was sentenced in a Richland County (SC) courtroom to 15-years in prison, after he pleaded guilty to felony DUI.

FOX NEWS LATINO - Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Maricopa County jails have made national headlines for years. First there was the construction of Tent City in 1993, then there was the introduction of the infamous pink underwear he makes the inmates wear -- and now he's at it again.

DAILY CALLER - An illegal immigrant in New York is serving as an Obamacare navigator, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, a non-profit limited immigration group.

WASHINGTON TIMES - Immigrant-rights activists say New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reversed himself Saturday and endorsed giving illegal immigrants in-state college tuition rates, and said he will try to get the issue through his legislature in a lame-duck session.

EXAMINER - Since Jan. 1, 2003, illegal aliens have killed 124 people across the state of North Carolina. Most of these folks were killed in alcohol-fueled vehicle crashes; some were stabbed, beaten or shot to death; and one was strangled to death while she was being raped...

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