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In concert with TheThirdJihad.com and RadicalIslam.org, the Minuteman PAC is dedicated to identifying and preventing domestic terror. In a post-9-11 world, we can no longer rest idly while radical terror organization dedicate their lives to destroying our American way of life. And nothing makes the U.S. more vulnerable to another 9-11 attack like open borders.

“The threat of terrorism has no borders. No one is safeguarded against the deadly threat that terrorism poses around the world. And as opposed to typical acts of warfare that target military installations, terror is meant to harm and instill fear in civilian populations.

Acts of terrorism have been documented for well over 200 years, but the tactics and rules of engagement are constantly changing. Through suicide bombings, hijackings, biological warfare or hostage situations, terrorists continue to come up with new methods of instilling fear.

Everyday there are terror attacks. Roadside bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan continuously murder soldiers as well as civilians. Attacks on trains, subways and hotels have turned popular tourist destinations into graveyards.

Everyone remembers the terrorist attack of September 11th. Although it has been almost nine years, Americans and people around the world remain under constant threat of impending attacks. Terrorism has resulted in high death tolls in London, Madrid and New York City. The entire world is on alert. No one knows where terrorists will strike next.

Terrorists have no problem killing women and children to get their message across. In 2004, a group of armed terrorists took 1,100 hostages, including almost 800 school children in the Beslan school crisis. Eventually 334 hostages were murdered, 186 of which were children.

And the terrorists still have tricks up their sleeves. In early 2009, a television broadcast showed a Kuwaiti professor detailing a simple yet catastrophic attack on the United States. By smuggling only four pounds of anthrax through the Mexican border, America could be targeted like never before. The professor explains that spreading this quantity of anthrax around the White House area like confetti, 330,000 Americans could easily be killed.

Fear is the central component of terror. Our fear is the terrorists’ success. But this does not mean that we should not be scared. The threat of terrorism is real. Ignoring the threat will not make it go away. We need to be aware of the intense nature of this threat, and to educate others.”

For more information on the imminent domestic terror threat, please watch the four-part video series from TheThirdJihad.com directly below.


CBS reporter: Obama ‘lying’ about terrorism

Lara Logan blasts administration for claims of ‘weakened’ Taliban in Afghanistan

(REAL CLEAR POLITICS) CBS News and “60 Minutes” reporter Lara Logan lambasted the Obama administration for pushing the “major lie” that the Taliban has been weakened in Afghanistan by the U.S. military.

Logan gave a blistering speech in Chicago this past week that ripped the administration for the way it has handled the war in Afghanistan and the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

“I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand that there is a major lie being propagated,” Logan said about the administration touting the weakening of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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