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Oct 29, 2015
Find out if one of 340 Sanctuary Cities is near YOU!
Sanctuary cities are growing in the United States, leading to a spike of 340 jurisdictions that shield undocumented immigrants from federal immigration law. Check the Center for Immigration Studies' interactive map that shows the locations of the sanctuaries.
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Oct 29, 2015
Texas judge makes BIG move against 'anchor babies’
A federal judge signed an order on Friday that denied a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit filed by citizens of Mexico and several Central American nations claiming entitlement to birth certificates for their children born in the United States.
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Oct 29, 2015
What? Calling someone a "hard worker" is RACIST!
On MSNBC when guest Alfonso Aguilar mentioned that Paul Ryan was a "hard worker," host Melissa Harris-Perry told him top be careful because calling someone a hard worker is racist!
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Oct 29, 2015
Hillary to go "beyond Obama" in helping illegal aliens!
At a Democratic party fundraiser in Iowa Saturday night, candidate Hillary Clinton promised she would "use executive action to prevent deportation" and "protect DREAMers." Clinton promised to "go as far as I can, even beyond President Obama" to defend "law-abiding" illegal immigrants.
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Oct 28, 2015
Cruz: U.S. just one Justice away from losing Second Amendment
Sen. Ted Cruz warns the U.S. is one liberal Supreme Court justice away from going after the individual right to keep and bear arms with the intent of hampering, if not abolishing, the exercise of that right.
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Aug 28, 2015
Judge: Mentally ill aliens can return to US to reopen deportation cases
Hundreds of mentally disabled immigrant detainees deported after representing themselves in immigration court may return to the United States for a second chance to contest their expulsion, a judge ruled Friday.
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Jul 31, 2015
Obama taunts Putin, China: ‘I lead the strongest military the world has ever known’
While casting his nation as the keeper of global order and saying the age of dictatorships is over, President Obama on Monday stressed that the U.S. is ready and willing to work with countries such as Iran, Russia and China and harbors no irreversible ill will toward its old adversaries.
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Jul 31, 2015
Speaker Boehner to resign end of October!
In a stunning move, House Speaker John Boehner informed fellow Republicans on Friday that he would resign from Congress at the end of October, giving up his top leadership post and his seat in the House in the face of hardline conservative opposition.
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Jun 12, 2015
IRS: Illegals can file for back-tax refunds!
Illegal immigrants granted amnesty under President Barack Obama's immigration reform will be able to claim back tax refunds from years in which they never filed taxes, the IRS said. According to the Washington Times, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress in a letter the roughly 5 million illegal immigrants who could be granted amnesty under Obama's plan will be eligible to take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit.
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Jun 12, 2015
Move made to OUST Speaker John Boehner!
Tea party champion Rep. Mark Meadows filed a motion to oust House Speaker John A. Boehner from his leadership post. The North Carolina Republican filed a motion to “vacate the chair,” which could force a no-confidence vote by the full chamber and result in the removal of Mr. Boehner as speaker.
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Jun 12, 2015
White family pays ULTIMATE price for flying Confederate flag!
One person was killed and five members of a family that flies a large Confederate flag were injured in Columbus Ohio. Three male victims were stabbed and a female victim was shot in the neck. Reports claim they may have been targeted because of their race. Both of the attackers were black, and the family is white.
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May 29, 2015
ATTACK: Mexican cartels shoot down chopper IN TEXAS!
Thanks to Obama's Executive Amnesty ENDORSEMENT of LAWLESSNESS at our southern border, Mexico's notoriously violent narco-cartels are growing MORE BRAZEN and MORE BRUTAL right here on AMERICAN SOIL where a drug cartel operation JUST ATTACKED U.S. BORDER AGENTS trying to do their job IN TEXAS.
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